Started blogging in english

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Today morning I've decided to start blogging also in english.
First, to improve my language skills that are far from perfect, I should say basic. I'm still using Google Translate for some words, so don't be mad for any of my mistakes or incorrections. I have no practice, everyone around me speaks russian and that's not strange because I live in Russia. I believe that if I use to write in english a few paragraphs a week, it will boost my growth in this area.

Second, to expand my potential audience. For example, I post my photos on Instagram — social network with international user base. It's obvious they understand english way better than russian. One clicks on my profile, then clicks on a link to my website and observes that it's in russian, says "WTF?" and closes the tab immediately. Search engines rank my website lower because behavior data is getting worse. So, to receive quality worldwide traffic I should optimize my blog to be worldwide compatible.

That's it for now. My future posts will be about life here, deep in Russia. Don't miss.


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